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The baskets made at Woven Treasures are all hand woven. 

Each basket is made with natural materials making no two baskets identical. 

The colored weavers are all hand dyed by soaking them in hot water and

special basketry dyes.  Each of the colored weavers is then woven into the basket. 

After the basket is made, each is burned to remove any “hairs”

from the reed.  The basket is signed and dated on the bottom.  Each is

 stained with a special basket stain which achieves the various color tones. 

Baskets are both functional and decorative for use in the home or workplace. 

The possibilities are endless; you just need an imagination! 

Basket weaving supplies, kits, tools, stain and gift baskets are offered.



Woven Treasures     1172 CR 714, Gassville, AR    870-430-2057